.:Online Payment Module

Money Receipt Generation through ICICI Bank Ltd for Tendu Leaves and Other MFPs under MSP Scheme.

The purchaser shall deposit the entire amount like Sale Value, Forest Development Cess, Value Added Tax (VAT), Income Tax, Interest, Godown Rent etc. due to Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce (Trading & Development) Co-operative Federation, Raipur through online payment in ICICI Bank A/C of MFP Federation Raipur. The process is very simple. For this Laghu Vanopaj Sangh’s website www.cgmfpfed.org, a Link Proceed for Money Receipt Generation through ICICI Bank Ltd. will be displayed. An input form will open if the purchaser clicks that Link. Purchaser intending to deposit money shall enter name of purchaser, Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN), Income Tax PAN, E-mail address, Mobile No., Name of District Union, Name of Forest Produce, Collection Year, Lot No., Sale Value, Forest Development Cess, Interest, Godown Rent, Restoration Fee, Extension Fee / Others, IGST, CGST, SGST, Income Tax. All entries must be made by keeping ‘Caps Lock’ on i.e. in CAPITAL LETTERS. For each Lot separate entries must be made i.e. entries for more than one lot must not be made together. After filling the Input Form completely Submit button should be clicked. Upon clicking Submit button a Challan will be displayed. Purchaser will take the printout of Challan to bank and after filling the Bank Form (required to send money by RTGS) send the amount of money mentioned in Challan by RTGS.

After confirmation that money has been deposited in Laghu Vanopaj Sangh’s account, Online Money Receipt will automatically be sent at E-mail address of Purchaser, District Union and Federation Head Office.





Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce (Trading & Development) Co-operative Federation Limited